Chevron Credit Card Review (How To Get One and Save)

1. Fill ‘er Up and Save: With the Chevron credit card, you earn fuel credits every time you stop by a Chevron or Texaco station. Picture this: you’re on a road trip, you pull into a Chevron station to refuel, swipe your Chevron card, and bam! You earn 3 cents per gallon in fuel credits. Over time, these credits add up and can be used to save on future gas purchases. It’s like finding loose change in the car, but better!

2. Home Turf Advantage: The Chevron credit card is a champ at Chevron and Texaco stations, where it can be used for all your purchases. However, outside of these stations, it’s more of a benchwarmer—meaning you can’t use it at other places.

3. Keep Your Wallet Happy: Here’s a delightful bit—there’s no annual fee for the Chevron credit card. That’s right, zero, zilch, nada!

4. Interest Rates: Like many store cards, the Chevron credit card carries a hefty APR. This is a bit like driving too fast—you might get where you’re going quicker, but it can cost you if you’re not careful! So to avoid interest, try to pay off your balance in full each month.

5. Online Command Center: With the Chevron credit card, you get access to an online account management platform. You can check your balance, pay your bill, and view recent transactions—all while wearing your comfy pants at home. Easy as pie!

Just a friendly reminder—before you decide to apply for this or any credit card, make sure you take a peek under the hood and understand all the terms and conditions. How often you gas up at Chevron or Texaco, your personal budget, and your ability to pay off the balance each month are all important things to consider.



Get ready to rev your engines, because the Chevron Credit Card can put some serious vroom in your fuel budget—if you regularly pit stop at Chevron or Texaco stations, that is.

You see, every time you pull into these stations and reach for your Chevron card, you earn 3 cents per gallon in fuel credits. Sounds small? Trust me, like taking the scenic route on a sunny day, it’s all about the long ride! These credits will accumulate over time, giving you savings on future gasoline purchases.

However, the Chevron card is a bit like a vintage car—it’s got a very specific comfort zone. In this case, it’s Chevron or Texaco stations. Try using it anywhere else, and it’s like trying to drive your car on water—it just won’t work. So, it’s fantastic if you’re a loyal Chevron or Texaco fan, but not quite as flexible as some other cards out there.

One thing that’s nice about the Chevron credit card is that there’s no annual fee. It’s like having a toll-free road—free to drive all year round. But beware of the interest rates—they’re a bit like speed bumps. If you don’t pay your balance in full each month, you could find yourself facing some hefty charges.

In terms of bill payment and account management, it’s smooth sailing with their online platform. It’s as easy as playing your favorite tune on the radio.



1. Question: Can I use my Chevron credit card to buy groceries?

Answer: If your grocery list consists of gasoline and car washes, then yes! But if you’re thinking apples and oranges, then no. The Chevron credit card can only be used at Chevron and Texaco stations.

2. Question: Will the Chevron credit card charge me an annual fee?

Answer: Good news! The Chevron credit card is like a good friend who never asks you to pay for dinner. There’s no annual fee!

3. Question: Can I earn fuel credits with any purchase on my Chevron credit card?

Answer: Well, you’ll earn fuel credits when you buy fuel at Chevron and Texaco stations. That’s like getting a pat on the back every time you fill up your tank!

4. Question: How can I pay my Chevron credit card bill?

Answer: You can pay your bill online through Chevron’s virtual command center (also known as the online account management system). It’s as convenient as finding a parking spot right by the store entrance!

5. Question: Does the Chevron credit card have a high-interest rate?

Answer: Yes, it does come with a rather hefty APR. Think of it like a hot potato—you want to get rid of it (or pay it off) as quickly as possible!



1. Discover it® Cash Back: This card offers rotating categories each quarter that earn 5% cash back up to a quarterly maximum when activated, then 1%. One of these categories can be gas stations, which would include Chevron, making it a great alternative for someone who drives frequently but wants to earn high rewards on other types of spending as well.

2. Chase Freedom Unlimited®: This card offers a flat rate of 1.5% cash back on all purchases and 5% cash back on travel purchased through the Chase portal. It doesn’t tie you to a specific gas station and provides flexibility on where you can earn and redeem rewards.

3. Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express: This card offers 3% cash back at U.S. gas stations and 6% back at U.S. supermarkets (up to $6,000 per year in purchases, then 1%), making it a good option for those who want rewards not just on gas, but on everyday expenses as well.

4. Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi: If you’re a Costco member, this card offers 4% cash back on eligible gas purchases (for the first $7,000 per year, then 1% thereafter), including gas at Chevron. It also offers 3% cash back on restaurants and eligible travel, 2% on all other purchases from Costco and, and 1% on all other purchases.