Christopher & Banks Credit Card (Perk, Savings, Login, Payment, Customer Service)

Take a smart step with your shopping! By opening a Christopher & Banks Credit Card account, you’ll receive a $30 statement credit with your initial online-only order within the first 30 days.

With special savings offer, you’ll earn a $30 statement credit when you make your first online purchase within 30 days of opening your account.

Don’t worry about return hassles. Enjoy free return shipping on purchases when you use SmartLabel.

With the card, you’re always in for a treat! Enjoy exclusive perks and special savings offers all year round.

What’s even better? You can enjoy all these benefits without worrying about an annual fee. Plus, you have zero fraud liability. Shop and save with confidence!


Account Access

The old cards are issued by Comenity Bank. The login url is

Contact customer service by phone: 1-888-774-8661
The new cards are issued by Synchrony Bank. 1-866-664-0968

To know which one you have look at back of card.


Online Shopping

Christopher & Banks is a women’s clothing retailer that was founded in 1956. The company initially began as Braun’s Fashions in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It became known as Christopher & Banks when the brand decided to target women aged 40-60, while their brand CJ Banks catered to plus size women. The company has a strong reputation for providing quality clothing at a moderate price point.

For instance, their inventory generally includes a variety of clothing categories such as tops, pants, dresses, skirts, jackets, and accessories. They offer a variety of sizes, from petite to plus, ensuring a broad range of customers can find items that fit well and make them feel confident.

Here are a few examples of what you might find in a typical Christopher & Banks collection:

  1. Classic Comfort: For the woman seeking comfortable, everyday wear, Christopher & Banks offers pieces like pull-on cotton pants, easy-to-wear button-down shirts, and cozy cardigans. These types of items are both stylish and practical, suitable for a day at the office or running errands around town.
  2. Dressy Casual: For social gatherings or casual work environments, Christopher & Banks offers a selection of dressy casual clothing. This might include items like floral print blouses, tailored capri pants, and lightweight summer dresses. These items offer a blend of comfort and elegance, ideal for occasions where you want to look put-together without feeling overdressed.
  3. Seasonal Styles: Christopher & Banks also regularly updates their inventory to reflect the current season. For instance, in the fall, you might find a selection of warm sweaters, versatile denim, and stylish boots. In the summer, their inventory might shift towards breezy sundresses, comfortable shorts, and colorful sandals.



Q: What about returns? A: Returns? No problem. As long as you’re using our SmartLabel, you get free return shipping on purchases. So, if that sweater fits more like a potato sack or those jeans are more “jeggings” than relaxed fit, send ’em back on us!

Q: Any special perks or savings with the Christopher & Banks Credit Card? A: Oh, we’ve got perks aplenty! You’ll get to take advantage of special savings offers throughout the year. So, your wallet can breathe a sigh of relief.

Q: Is there an annual fee? A: Nope! We’re as surprised as you are, but there’s absolutely no annual fee on our credit card. Your wallet is now dancing with joy!

Q: What if my card information falls into the wrong hands? A: No worries! We have zero fraud liability. In other words, if your card details somehow end up in the hands of a wannabe James Bond villain, you won’t be held responsible for fraudulent charges.

Synchrony Bank

Q: What is a Synchrony Bank credit card? A: Synchrony Bank provides a wide range of store-branded credit cards. These include cards for retailers like Amazon, Lowe’s, and many others. So whether you’re buying a new wardrobe, getting that top-of-the-line drill, or splurging on a fancy home appliance, Synchrony probably has a card for it.

Q: Where can I use my Synchrony credit card? A: Depends on the card! Store-branded Synchrony cards are typically only accepted at the retailer they’re associated with. But don’t worry, it’s not a guessing game. It’ll be clearly stated when you sign up.

Q: Are there rewards or benefits with these cards? A: Absolutely, though they vary by card. Some provide cash back, others might offer special financing, and some give you a heads-up on sales. Rewards are like snowflakes; no two are exactly alike. But unlike snowflakes, they won’t melt in your hands.

Q: Can I pay my credit card bill online? A: Yes, indeed! You can pay your Synchrony credit card bill online through Synchrony’s account management site. It’s as easy as pie. But please, don’t try to pay with pie. We’ve tried, it doesn’t work.

Q: What if I run into a problem or have a question about my account? A: No worries! Synchrony has customer service representatives who are ready to help you out. They’re like superheroes, but instead of capes, they have headsets.