Free Spirit Points Mastercard [Rewards]

1. A Passport to Points:

Think of the Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® as your personal passport to a world of rewards. Every purchase you make earns you Free Spirit® Points, with even more points up for grabs when you spend on Spirit Airlines purchases. It’s like having a trusty travel companion that constantly surprises you with gifts!

2. Points, Your Ticket to Travel:

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, the real fun begins! You can redeem your points for a variety of rewards, most excitingly for Spirit Airlines flights. Imagine stepping onto a plane knowing that your credit card rewards helped you get there. It’s almost like flying on wings of points!

3. Travel Benefits and Perks:

Traveling with the Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® is akin to having a VIP pass in your pocket. Depending on the specific terms of the card, you could enjoy a range of benefits like priority boarding, free checked bags, or discounts on in-flight purchases. It’s the equivalent of cruising through the airport with a personal concierge at your side.

4. An Investment in Adventure:

While the Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® may have an annual fee, think of it as an investment in your travel adventures. Weigh the fee against the potential value you’ll get from the card, such as the points you’ll earn and the perks you’ll enjoy.

5. A Warm Welcome:

The Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® typically offers a hearty welcome in the form of a bonus offer. After spending a certain amount within the first few months, you could earn a significant number of bonus points. It’s akin to being welcomed onto a luxurious cruise liner with a festive garland of points!

6. Your Ticket to Global Shopping:

As a Mastercard, the Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® is your ticket to a global shopping adventure. Accepted at millions of locations worldwide, it’s as versatile and ready for adventure as a well-packed suitcase.

7. The Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® on the Ground:

Just as a seasoned travel guide knows all the best local spots, the Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® often offers extra perks with specific partners. This could mean additional rewards when you spend money with associated businesses. It’s like knowing just where to go to get the most of your visit!

8. Financial Protection on Your Journey:

The Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® usually provides a range of security features to help you travel with confidence. It’s like a trusty travel buddy that’s got your back. These features may include fraud protection, zero liability on unauthorized charges, and more.

9. A Map to Your Spending:

Just like having a map can help you navigate a bustling city, online account management tools can help you navigate your spending. You can typically view transactions, pay your bill, and check your points balance. It’s like having a handy travel itinerary for your financial journey.

10. Help Is Always at Hand:

The customer service for the Free Spirit® Points Mastercard® is typically available 24/7. This is akin to having a personal tour guide available any time you have a question or encounter a bump on your journey.


Spirit Airlines is a popular ultra-low-cost carrier based in the United States. With its headquarters in Miramar, Florida, the airline is known for its budget-friendly fares and operation style that includes charging for additional services, which lets passengers choose and pay only for the amenities they wish to use.

Spirit Airlines operates flights throughout the United States and to numerous destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central and South America. Here are some key points to know:

1. Base Fares: Spirit Airlines’ fares are often much lower than those of traditional carriers. This is because the fare only covers the cost of the flight itself. Anything beyond that, such as checked baggage, seat selection, and even onboard refreshments, comes with an extra charge.

2. Baggage Fees: Spirit Airlines charges for both checked bags and carry-on luggage that won’t fit under the seat in front of you. The charges can vary based on several factors, including the specific flight and when you pay for your baggage (paying at the time of booking is usually cheaper than paying at the airport).

3. Seat Selection: If you want to choose your seat before check-in, there will be a fee. If you don’t mind where you sit, Spirit will assign you a random seat at check-in for free.

4. Free Spirit Loyalty Program: Spirit Airlines offers a loyalty program called Free Spirit. Members earn points on flights and with Spirit’s partners, which can be redeemed for free flights.

5. Spirit’s Fleet: operates an all-Airbus fleet, which is one of the youngest and most fuel-efficient in the U.S.