Manchester United Credit Card from ICICI Bank

  1. Rewards Program: One of the most exciting aspects of a credit card like this is the rewards program. With this card, every purchase you make can bring you closer to your favorite football team. For every amount you spend on the card, you might earn a certain number of reward points. Over time, these points accumulate and can be redeemed from an extensive rewards catalogue offered by ICICI Bank. The catalogue might include a vast array of items such as household appliances, travel accessories, entertainment gadgets, lifestyle products, and more. Sometimes, you can even opt for a cashback option, turning your reward points into direct savings on your credit card bill. If you’re a regular spender, this feature can bring substantial rewards over time.
  2. Discounts on Manchester United Merchandise: If you’re a Manchester United fan, there’s a good chance you’ve eyed the merchandise on the Manchester United online store. With this credit card, you might receive a discount on all purchases made on the official online store, allowing you to show off your team spirit with jerseys, caps, scarves, and other branded merchandise.
  3. Match Experiences: Now, this is where it gets really exciting for football enthusiasts. ICICI Bank could offer you the opportunity to enter a draw for a fully paid trip to the UK to watch a Manchester United match live at Old Trafford. Imagine the thrill of being there in the stadium, cheering on your team along with thousands of other fans. This is a dream come true for many football fans, and this card could potentially make it a reality.
  4. Fuel Surcharge Waiver: If you drive regularly, you know that fuel expenses can add up quickly. With this card, you could potentially receive a waiver on the fuel surcharge at specified petrol pumps across India, which can translate to significant savings over time.
  5. Additional Benefits: Depending on the exact type of card and its current offerings, there may be several other benefits provided by ICICI Bank. These could include services like a personal concierge to help with travel and entertainment bookings, dining privileges that give you discounts or complimentary items at partner restaurants across the country, and even access to airport lounges, which can make your travel experiences much more comfortable.


  1. Who can apply for the Manchester United Credit Card from ICICI Bank? Any individual who meets the eligibility criteria set by ICICI Bank can apply for the card. This typically includes being of a certain age and having a certain minimum income, among other factors.
  2. Where can I use the card? The Manchester United Credit Card from ICICI Bank is like any other credit card and can be used for transactions worldwide, anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted.
  3. How do I earn reward points? You earn reward points on every purchase made with the card. The number of points earned per transaction may vary based on the type of purchase and the terms of your specific card.
  4. Can I redeem my reward points for cash? Typically, ICICI Bank allows reward points to be redeemed for a wide range of items from their rewards catalogue. This might include the option for a cashback reward, effectively turning your points into a direct reduction on your credit card bill.
  5. Can I get a fuel surcharge waiver? The card may offer a fuel surcharge waiver at specified petrol pumps across India, but terms and conditions apply. Be sure to check the latest details from ICICI Bank.
  6. What discounts do I get on Manchester United merchandise? As a cardholder, you could get a discount on purchases made on the Manchester United online store. The exact discount may vary, so check the card’s current terms and conditions.
  7. What happens if I miss a payment on my card? If you miss a payment, you’ll likely be charged a late fee, and it could negatively impact your credit score. If you’re late with payments more than once, your interest rate could increase.
  8. What should I do if I lose my card or it gets stolen? If your card gets lost or stolen, report it immediately to ICICI Bank’s customer service. They can block your card to prevent unauthorized usage and guide you through the process of getting a replacement.
  9. Can I upgrade my card to a Manchester United Credit Card from ICICI Bank? If you’re already an ICICI Bank customer with a different credit card, you may be able to upgrade to the Manchester United Credit Card. You’d need to contact ICICI Bank to see if this is possible for your situation.