Minnesota Vikings Credit Card [Rewards]

Well, Skol, Vikings fan! If you’re looking to show off your purple and gold pride every time you make a purchase, the Minnesota Vikings Extra Points Credit Card may just be the game-changer you need. Ready for a touchdown of information? Let’s go!

Rewards and Points: As with any good playbook, the key is all in the strategy. For every $1 spent on NFL and team purchases, you’ll earn 2 points. All other purchases earn you 1 point per $1 spent. So, whether you’re stocking up on Viking horns or just buying dinner, you’re always on offense.

Sign-Up Bonus: A solid defense and a strong offense aren’t complete without a good special teams performance, and that’s where the sign-up bonus comes in. New cardholders might receive bonus points if they spend a certain amount within the first 90 days – that’s a whole lot of Viking merchandise!

NFL Perks: Not only will you be earning points, but you’ll also get a 20% discount at NFLShop.com. Perfect for decking yourself out in all the purple and gold your closet can handle.

APR & Fees: The card usually comes with a variable APR based on your creditworthiness, just as a Viking’s strength is based on their diet of…er…never mind. And here’s the good news – there’s no annual fee, which means you’re saving gold like a Viking hoarding his treasure.

Application: Applying for the card is as simple as sailing across the North Sea (well, maybe it’s a bit easier). Head over to the card issuer’s official website and fill out the application with your personal and financial details.

Card Security: With zero liability on unauthorized transactions, you’ve got more protection than a Viking with a shield wall.



Q1: How can I apply for this card? A: Applying is easier than a Viking rowing a longboat! Just go to the card issuer’s official website and fill out an application with your personal and financial information.

Q2: How does the points system work? A: You’ll earn 2 points for every $1 spent on NFL and Vikings purchases, and 1 point for every $1 spent on all other purchases. It’s like rowing downstream, easy and rewarding!

Q3: What can I use my points for? A: You can redeem your points for statement credits, NFL merchandise, or unique experiences like attending an NFL game or event. It’s like discovering a new land full of treasures!

Q4: Is there an annual fee? A: There’s no annual fee for this card – just like a Viking doesn’t pay to explore new lands.

Q5: How do I manage my account? A: You can manage your account online or through the card issuer’s mobile app. It’s like having a map to your financial treasure!

Q6: What should I do if my card is lost or stolen? A: Contact the card issuer immediately – much like a Viking would call on their crew if their longboat went missing.

Q7: Can I use my card when traveling abroad? A: Yes, typically, you can use your card abroad. However, foreign transaction fees may apply. It’s like a Viking having to pay a toll when docking at a foreign port.

Q8: How quickly do the points show up on my account? A: Points typically sail into your account at the end of each billing cycle – a little like a Viking returning from a successful voyage!

Q9: Do the points I earn expire? A: As long as your account is open and in good standing, your points won’t expire. They’re as enduring as a Viking saga!

Q10: Can I transfer a balance from another credit card? A: Yes, typically you can transfer balances from other credit cards, but keep in mind, there might be a fee for that. It’s a bit like trading goods at the market – there’s always a cost involved.

Q11: What happens to my points if I close my account? A: If you close your account, any unredeemed points could vanish like a ghost ship in the fog, so be sure to redeem them while you can.

Q12: Can I get additional cards for family members? A: Yes, most likely you can add authorized users to your account. They’ll earn points for your account with their purchases – it’s like growing your own Viking clan!

Q13: Is there a late payment fee? A: Yes, there can be a fee if your payment arrives later than the due date. Try to avoid it like a Viking avoids a sea monster!