7 Uses for Creditcard Multitool You Will Want to Know

The credit card multitool is a nifty gadget that might seem like an unassuming piece of metal the same size as your credit card, but it’s a superhero in disguise!

Just think of it as your wallet’s secret weapon—packed full of handy tools that are ready to spring into action whenever you need them. It’s like having your own personal assistant tucked away in your back pocket.

Let’s take a closer look at the kind of magic these multitools can perform:

1. Bottle Opener: There’s nothing worse than having a refreshing drink but no way to open it. Well, ta-da! Your multitool has got it sorted with its trusty bottle opener.

2. Flat Screwdriver: Ever find yourself needing a screwdriver but there’s not one in sight? Your secret weapon multitool saves the day with its built-in flat screwdriver. Loose handles and wobbly glasses won’t bother you anymore.

3. Ruler: Maybe you need to measure something small or make sure you’re cutting in a straight line. Guess what? Your handy multitool has got a ruler for that.

4. Knife Edge: Whether you need to open a stubborn package, slice an apple for a snack, or cut through a piece of string, the mini blade on your multitool is ready for action. Just remember to handle it with care—it’s tiny but sharp!

5. Can Opener: Picture yourself out camping under the stars. You’ve got a can of delicious baked beans, but oh no, you’ve forgotten the can opener. Fear not! Your multitool swoops in to save your dinner with its handy can opener.

6. Saw Blade: No, it won’t replace a full-sized saw, but the mini saw blade on your multitool is more than capable of taking care of light materials. String, thin branches, or twine – consider them handled!

7. Wrenches: With built-in cut-outs of various sizes, your multitool can act as a set of wrenches, helping you tackle wayward nuts and bolts.

8. Compass Direction Indicator: It’s not a full-fledged compass, but paired with a traditional compass, it can help you navigate your way around. Adventure awaits!

And here’s how this tiny marvel comes to life:

Scenario 1: You’re hiking, the sun is shining, but that piece of twine for securing your tent just won’t cut itself. Out comes your multitool and—snip!—the mini blade makes light work of it.

Scenario 2: It’s campfire time, but oh dear, you’ve forgotten your can opener. Your baked beans are in jeopardy. Never fear! Your multitool’s can opener is here to save the day (and your dinner!).

Scenario 3: You’re out and about, and a screw on your glasses comes loose. What to do? Your multitool’s flat screwdriver to the rescue! You’ll be seeing clearly again in no time.

So there you have it! The credit card multitool is a fantastic buddy for your daily adventures.

9. Directional Ancillary Indicator (Not a functioning compass): This could help you figure out directions when you have a map and the position of the sun but no actual compass. Always a bonus when you’re trying to navigate through new surroundings.

10. 2-Position Wrench: For those bolts that just won’t budge, this tool is here to help. It provides two sizes to choose from, adding to its versatility.

11. Lanyard hole: Want to keep your multitool within easy reach rather than hidden away in your wallet? The lanyard hole allows you to attach it to your keyring or hang it around your neck.

12. Butterfly Screw Wrench: This specialized wrench can be used for adjusting butterfly screws, which are commonly found on outdoor camping gear.

13. 4-Position Wrench: Need more options for those stubborn nuts and bolts? This gives you four different wrench sizes, so you’ll always have the one you need.

14. Keyring hole: Attach your multitool to your keys so you’re always ready for any situation!

Here’s how you might use these additional features:

Scenario 4: You’re out on a hike and lose your way. You have a map and know where the sun is but have no compass. Using your multitool’s directional ancillary indicator and a bit of knowledge about navigating with the sun, you figure out which way to go. Crisis averted!

Scenario 5: Setting up your new flat-pack furniture, and you come across a bolt that your regular wrench can’t quite grip. Out comes your multitool with its 2-position wrench, and voila, the bolt is tightened in no time.

Scenario 6: On a camping trip, your butterfly screw on your camping stove becomes loose. Your multitool’s butterfly screw wrench makes a quick fix, and dinner is back on track!

Remember, while a credit card multitool is a mini marvel, it doesn’t replace your full-sized tools for heavy-duty tasks.




1. What is a credit card multitool?

Well, it’s not a tool that will help you max out your credit card faster, if that’s what you’re thinking! A credit card multitool is a slim, portable device, around the same size as a credit card, packed with various handy tools.

2. What kind of tools are included in a credit card multitool?

You mean apart from the Swiss Army Knife’s long-lost cousin? These little gizmos can house a plethora of handy tools, from a can opener (instant picnic, anyone?) to wrenches, screwdrivers, a tiny knife, and even a saw blade that could double as a nail file in a pinch!

3. Is a credit card multitool safe to carry in my pocket?

As long as you’re not planning on sitting on a cactus, you should be fine! But seriously, while these multitools are designed with safety in mind, they do contain sharp features, so be careful when handling them.

4. Can I carry a credit card multitool on a plane?

Unfortunately, TSA agents don’t have much of a sense of humor when it comes to sharp objects on planes. It’s best to pack your multitool in your checked luggage to avoid any high-flying drama.

5. How can I use the tools on a credit card multitool?

Honestly, they’re so versatile that you might start finding problems just to use them! From tightening a loose screw on your sunglasses to opening a well-deserved bottle of soda after assembling flat-pack furniture, the possibilities are endless.

6. Is a credit card multitool a good replacement for a toolbox?

Only if you’re planning on moving into a dollhouse! While these multitools are incredibly handy for small, quick fixes, they aren’t designed to replace full-sized tools for heavy-duty tasks.

7. Is a credit card multitool heavy to carry around?

Heavier than a credit card but lighter than a toolbox! It’s designed to be portable, so you’ll barely notice it in your pocket—until you need it, of course!

8. Can the knife edge on a credit card multitool replace my kitchen knives?

Only if you’re planning on becoming a minimalist chef who specializes in very, very small portions. The knife edge is handy for impromptu cutting tasks, but it’s not going to dice onions or carve a turkey!

9. Will the bottle opener work on wine bottles?

Unless your multitool has a hidden corkscrew we don’t know about, you’re probably out of luck. Stick to twist-offs and caps, or you might find yourself drinking grape juice at your picnic.

10. Can I use the directional ancillary indicator as a compass?

Not unless you’ve discovered a way to channel your inner Jack Sparrow! It’s not a functioning compass, but it can be useful for orientation in conjunction with a map and traditional compass.

11. Is the credit card multitool dishwasher safe?

Well, it’s not going to melt like the wicked witch of the west, but it’s usually best to give it a wipe with a damp cloth to keep it clean. Dishwashers might be too harsh and could damage the multitool.

12. Can the saw blade on a credit card multitool cut down a tree?

If you’re attempting to channel your inner lumberjack, you might be there a while! The saw blade is best for cutting light materials like twine or small branches.