Green Bay Packers Credit Card You Can Get

Howdy there, football fan! So, you’re interested in the NFL Extra Points Credit Card, huh? Let me tell you, that’s an excellent choice for any loyal fan of the gridiron. This card doesn’t just represent your favorite team with pride, but it also offers some pretty neat benefits. Here’s the scoop:

What’s the NFL Extra Points Credit Card? The NFL Extra Points Credit Card is a unique credit card that lets you support your favorite NFL team (Green Bay Packers) every time you use it. Not only that, but it’s also a rewards card. This means you’ll be earning points for every dollar you spend, which you can redeem for NFL game tickets, VIP experiences, or even statement credits. Now, ain’t that a hoot?

Some Fascinating Facts & Stats

  1. Rewards System: With this card, you can earn 2 points for every dollar spent on NFL or team purchases. This includes game tickets, in-stadium purchases, and purchases at the team’s pro shop. For all other purchases, you earn 1 point per dollar spent.
  2. Bonus Points: If you spend $500 in the first 90 days of opening your account, you’ll be rewarded with a whopping 10,000 bonus points. That’s enough to redeem for a $100 statement credit!
  3. 0% Intro APR: For the first six months, there’s a promotional APR of 0% on NFL ticket purchases. Great deal, right?
  4. 20% Off at Every time you shop at, you’ll get a 20% discount – just for being an NFL Extra Points Cardmember.

How to Apply for the Card Applying for the NFL Extra Points Credit Card is as simple as a touchdown pass when you’re already on the 1-yard line. You’ll need to head over to the card’s official website and fill out the application form. They’ll ask for some standard information – stuff like your name, address, contact info, employment and income details, and social security number.

Before applying, make sure you’ve got a solid credit score, as this card typically requires good to excellent credit. As always, remember to read all the terms and conditions before you apply. You wouldn’t want to get blindsided with unexpected fees, now would you?




Howdy! So, you’ve got some questions about the Green Bay Packers Extra Points Credit Card issued by Comenity Bank, right? Well, I’ve got your answers. Buckle up and let’s go on a ride through this credit card’s FAQ!

Q1: Who is Comenity Bank? A: Comenity Bank is a major credit card company that partners with hundreds of well-known retailers, fashion companies, and other businesses, issuing co-branded and store-specific credit cards, including the Extra Points Credit Card.

Q2: How can I apply for an Extra Points Credit Card? A: Simply head over to Comenity Bank’s website and find the application page for the Extra Points Credit Card. Fill out the application with your personal details, like your name, address, income, and social security number. If you meet their credit criteria, you’ll be approved!

Q3: What kind of credit do I need to get this card? A: Comenity Bank typically requires good to excellent credit for the Extra Points Credit Card. That means a score of at least 670 or higher. Remember, though, credit requirements can change, so always check with Comenity Bank for the most current information.

Q4: How can I access my account online? A: You can access your account through Comenity Bank’s website. Once there, log in with your username and password. If it’s your first time, you’ll need to register your account, which is a quick and easy process.

Q5: What should I do if I lose my card or it gets stolen? A: If your card is lost or stolen, don’t worry, partner! Just get in touch with Comenity Bank’s customer service as soon as possible. They’ll close your current account and send you a new card.

Q6: How does the rewards program work? A: With the Extra Points Credit Card, you earn points on all your purchases. These can be redeemed for a variety of rewards. The more you use your card, the more points you rack up!

Q7: Can I pay my bill online? A: Absolutely! Comenity Bank has a user-friendly online portal where you can pay your bill, check your balance, see your rewards, and more. It’s convenient and easy as pie!

Q8: Can I increase my credit limit? A: Comenity Bank periodically reviews accounts for credit limit increases. Keep making your payments on time, and you just might see a boost in your credit limit.

Q9: How long does it take to get approved for an Extra Points Credit Card? A: Typically, you might receive a decision instantly after applying online. However, in some cases, Comenity Bank may need to review your application further, which could take up to a couple of weeks.

Q10: Can I transfer balances from another credit card to the Extra Points Credit Card? A: This depends on the ongoing promotions and terms set by Comenity Bank. You’ll need to check the current cardholder agreement or directly contact the bank to find out.

Q11: What is the APR for this card? A: The APR can vary depending on the prime rate and your creditworthiness. You should always check the most current rates and terms when you apply.

Q12: Are there any annual fees associated with the Extra Points Credit Card? A: the Extra Points Credit Card doesn’t have an annual fee, but you should always check the cardholder agreement for the most current information.

Q13: How often are my rewards points updated? A: Rewards points are generally updated shortly after the transaction posts to your account. This typically takes a couple of business days.

Q14: Can I use my rewards points immediately after earning them? A: You can usually use your points as soon as they’re posted to your account. There might be a delay of a couple of days after a transaction before the points show up in your account.

Q15: Can I add an authorized user to my account? A: Yes, typically you can add an authorized user to your Extra Points Credit Card account. The primary cardholder is still responsible for all charges on the account.


The Packers

Well hello there, fellow Green Bay Packers enthusiast! Strap in, because we’re going on a trip to the snowy Lambeau Field to delve into some exciting stats and facts about our beloved Packers.

Team Origin and Legacy The Packers, hailing from the smallest city to host an NFL team, were established in 1919 by Earl “Curly” Lambeau and George Calhoun. The team name, “Packers,” comes from their early sponsor, the Indian Packing Company. The Packers are the third-oldest franchise in the NFL and hold a special place in the league’s storied history.

Record-Breaking Victories The Green Bay Packers are no strangers to victory, boasting a record 13 league championships! This includes their triumphs before the Super Bowl era and their Super Bowl wins in 1966, 1967, and 1996.

Frozen Tundra Lambeau Field, their home since 1957, is one of the most iconic sports stadiums in America. Known as the “Frozen Tundra” due to its frigid temperatures during late-season games, Lambeau has seen countless epic showdowns.

Cheesehead Fandom The term “Cheesehead,” lovingly embraced by Packers fans, was initially an insult thrown by Illinois sports fans at Wisconsinites because of their state’s famous cheese production. Now, it’s a badge of honor worn with pride by the team’s dedicated fan base.

Community Ownership Unique among major sports franchises in America, the Packers are a community-owned non-profit organization. This means the team is owned by its fans, who vote on major decisions. It’s football by the people, for the people!

The Famous Lambeau Leap The Lambeau Leap, where players leap into the stands after scoring a touchdown, was started spontaneously by LeRoy Butler in 1993 and has since become a Packers scoring tradition.

Star Players From Bart Starr and Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers, the Packers have a legacy of phenomenal quarterbacks. Legendary coach Vince Lombardi, whom the Super Bowl trophy is named after, also left an indelible mark on the team and the sport.

So there you have it! The Green Bay Packers are more than just a football team; they’re a community, a proud tradition, and a unique part of NFL history. Whether you’re donning the green and gold or proudly wearing your Cheesehead hat, being a Packers fan is all about being part of that storied tradition.
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