Shredder for Credit Cards [You Need One]

Protecting your personal information is important, and shredding your old or expired credit cards is a great way to ensure that sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Let’s explore some popular shredders that are specifically designed to handle credit cards:

  1. AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder: This shredder is a reliable option for handling both paper documents and credit cards. It can shred up to 8 sheets of paper at a time and has a dedicated slot for credit cards. The cross-cut feature provides an extra layer of security by turning your credit cards into small confetti-like pieces.
  2. Fellowes Powershred 79Ci Cross-Cut Shredder: If you’re looking for a more powerful shredder, the Fellowes Powershred 79Ci is a great choice. It can shred up to 16 sheets of paper in one pass and includes a designated slot for credit cards. With its advanced safety features and jam-proof technology, this shredder can handle larger shredding tasks efficiently.
  3. Bonsaii EverShred C169-B Cross-Cut Shredder: The Bonsaii EverShred C169-B offers a balance between capacity and performance. It can shred up to 14 sheets of paper at a time and has a separate slot for credit cards. This shredder provides continuous run time, making it suitable for longer shredding sessions.
  4. Aurora AU1210MA Professional Grade High-Security Shredder: When it comes to maximum security, the Aurora AU1210MA excels. This shredder offers high-level micro-cut shredding, which turns your credit cards into tiny particles for maximum protection against identity theft. It can shred up to 12 sheets of paper in one pass and has a dedicated slot for credit cards.

Here’s a general price range to give you an idea:

  • Entry-level shredders: These basic models that can shred credit cards usually start at around $30 to $50.
  • Mid-range shredders: These models often offer additional features like higher sheet capacity, longer run times, and improved security. They typically range from $50 to $150.
  • High-end shredders: These shredders are designed for heavy-duty use and offer advanced features such as higher sheet capacities, longer run times, enhanced security, and more robust construction. Prices for high-end shredders can range from $150 to $500 or more.


Benefits of Using a Credit Card Shredder:

  • Identity Theft Prevention: Shredding your credit cards ensures that sensitive information, such as your card number and expiration date, cannot be retrieved or used by identity thieves.
  • Peace of Mind: By destroying your credit cards, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken an extra step to safeguard your personal information.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Properly disposing of your credit cards through shredding promotes recycling, as the shredded materials can be recycled and repurposed.

Considerations when Choosing a Credit Card Shredder:

  1. Shred Type: Shredders come in different types, including cross-cut, micro-cut, and strip-cut. Cross-cut and micro-cut shredders provide higher security as they turn documents and cards into smaller pieces compared to strip-cut shredders.
  2. Sheet Capacity: Consider the maximum number of sheets a shredder can handle in one pass. Higher sheet capacity can save time and effort when shredding multiple cards.
  3. Run Time and Cooling Down Period: Check the continuous run time of the shredder before it requires a cooldown period. Longer run times can be useful for larger shredding tasks.
  4. Safety Features: Look for features like jam prevention, overload protection, and automatic shut-off to ensure safe and efficient operation.
  5. Bin Size and Easy Emptying: Consider the size of the waste bin and how easy it is to empty. A larger bin may require less frequent emptying, while easy-access features can simplify the disposal process.

Example Shredder Brands to Explore:

  • Fellowes
  • AmazonBasics
  • Bonsaii
  • Aurora
  • Swingline


Q1: Why should I shred my credit cards? A1: Shredding your credit cards helps protect your personal information, prevents identity theft, and ensures that sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Q2: Can I use a regular paper shredder for credit cards? A2: It is recommended to use a shredder specifically designed to handle credit cards. Regular paper shredders may not have the necessary components to effectively shred the hard plastic of credit cards.

Q3: What type of shredder is best for credit cards? A3: Cross-cut or micro-cut shredders are generally recommended for maximum security. These types of shredders turn credit cards into small confetti-like pieces or micro-cut particles, making it extremely difficult to reconstruct any information.

Q4: Can I shred other items along with credit cards? A4: It’s important to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines for the specific shredder model. Some shredders can handle other items like paper documents, staples, and paper clips, but it’s best to check the specifications to avoid damaging the shredder.

Q5: Are credit card shredders easy to use? A5: Credit card shredders are designed to be user-friendly. Simply insert the credit card into the designated slot, and the shredder will do the rest. Many models have indicators or buttons to control the shredding process.

Q6: How do I maintain a credit card shredder? A6: Regular maintenance is essential to keep your shredder in good working condition. This includes emptying the bin regularly, cleaning the shredder blades, and lubricating the shredder as recommended by the manufacturer.

Q7: Can I recycle the shredded credit cards? A7: Depending on your local recycling guidelines, you may be able to recycle the shredded credit card pieces. Check with your local recycling facility to determine the best way to recycle the shredded materials.