Washington Commanders Football Credit Card

Hello there, Commanders fan! If you’re looking for a way to show off your team pride and score some benefits while you’re at it, the Washington Commanders Extra Points Credit Card may just be the way to go. Here’s an in-depth look at what this card has to offer:

Who it’s for: This card is perfect for die-hard Washington Commanders fans who want to get rewarded for their NFL purchases, and enjoy other perks related to the NFL experience.

Benefits: With the Washington Commanders Extra Points Credit Card, you earn 2 points for every $1 spent on NFL purchases, such as game tickets, in-stadium concessions, and purchases at the official NFLShop.com. On all other purchases, you’ll earn 1 point per $1 spent. Imagine throwing a long pass down the field, except it’s your everyday spending and the yards gained are points!

Bonus: New cardholders have the opportunity to earn a 10,000-point bonus, equivalent to a $100 statement credit, if they spend $500 on purchases in the first 90 days after account opening. This bonus is like a strong start to the game – it gets you a lead early on!

Perks: In addition to the points, cardholders get a 20% discount on purchases from NFLShop.com. Plus, you can redeem points for exclusive NFL rewards and team experiences that aren’t available to the general public.

Application: Applying for the card is as easy as completing a short pass. Head to the card issuer’s website, fill out the form with your personal and financial information, and submit. A decision is usually made quickly.

Interest Rates: The card’s APR varies based on your creditworthiness and the prime market rate. So just like in football, where every play counts, here too, every point on your credit score matters.

Fees: There’s no annual fee for the card, which is like getting a free ticket to an NFL game. There are fees for balance transfers and cash advances, as well as for late and returned payments.

Always remember, responsible credit management is as crucial as a well-thought-out game plan. So, plan your financial strategy, manage your credit wisely, and let your finances soar like a Commanders’ touchdown pass!

Security Features: When it comes to protecting your account, this card has as many defensive strategies as the Commanders. The card provides zero fraud liability, which means you’re not responsible for unauthorized charges. It’s like having a top-tier safety watching over your financial field.

Online Access: You can easily manage your card account online. Just as the Commanders study game footage, you can review your account activity, make payments, and even redeem rewards at any time and from anywhere.

Customer Service: The card issuer’s customer service team is ready to help you, like a reliable special teams unit. Whether you have questions about your account or need assistance with an unexpected issue, you can reach out to them for support.

Flexibility: The Commanders Extra Points Credit Card gives you the flexibility to choose your rewards. Whether you want cash back as statement credits or to redeem points for NFL experiences or merchandise, the choice is yours. It’s like being able to choose your own playbook.

Point Expiry: Your hard-earned reward points won’t expire as long as your account remains open, and there’s no limit to the points you can earn. That’s as consistent as a field goal kicker with perfect aim!

Balance Transfer: You can transfer balances from other credit cards to your Commanders Extra Points Credit Card. However, a balance transfer fee may apply, so be sure to understand the terms before proceeding.



Q1: How can I apply for the Washington Commanders Extra Points Credit Card? A: You can easily apply for the card online on the issuer’s official website. Just fill out the application form with your personal and financial information, hit submit, and wait for your result – just like waiting for a touchdown review!

Q2: How does the rewards program work? A: You earn 2 points per $1 spent on NFL purchases and 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases. It’s like a game-winning drive: Every dollar spent gets you closer to your rewards!

Q3: How can I redeem my points? A: You can redeem your points for statement credits, NFL experiences, or merchandise from the NFLShop.com. Just log into your online account and choose how you want to ‘play’ your points!

Q4: Does the card have an annual fee? A: Nope! The Washington Commanders Extra Points Credit Card does not have an annual fee. It’s like scoring a free season ticket!

Q5: Can I manage my card account online? A: Absolutely! You can manage your account, view your points, and pay your bill online. You can also download the mobile app for easy access on the go – convenience is always the name of the game!

Q6: What if my card is lost or stolen? A: If your card is lost or stolen, contact the card issuer right away. They have a game plan ready to protect your account and help you get a replacement card.

Q7: How can I pay my card bill? A: You can pay your bill online through your card account, by mail, or by phone. Choose the method that fits your game style!

Note: They were formerly known as the Washington Redskins.