Amex Credit Card Stats [Average spend $23k, 76M Cardholders]

I had always known that American Express, or Amex as it’s commonly referred to, was a big player in the credit card industry, but the sheer magnitude of their user base was something that truly astounded me.

As I delved deeper into the statistics, the numbers on my screen seemed to underscore the global reach and influence of this financial powerhouse. The fact that 133 million individuals around the world, myself included, were placing their trust in this little piece of plastic, measuring approximately 3.370 inches by 2.125 inches, was a testament to the brand’s reliability and the value people found in their services.

I leaned back in my chair, a standard ergonomic model that had become my trusty companion during long hours of work, and let the information sink in. My own Amex card, with its distinctive blue and silver design, lay next to my keyboard. It felt somewhat surreal to think that I was part of this enormous network of consumers, each with our own unique reasons for choosing Amex.


Key Takeaways:

  • As of the end of 2022, there were over 133 million active Amex cards worldwide, with 65.3 million outside the United States.
  • Of the total cards, 76.7 million were proprietary Amex cards, while 56.6 million were issued by third parties.
  • The average Amex cardholder spent $23,496 using their card in 2022.
  • In 2022, Amex generated $30.74 billion in revenue from discount revenue, card fees, service fees, and other sources.

Global Presence of Amex Cards

As of the end of 2022, there were over 133 million active Amex cards worldwide, with 65.3 million cards being used outside the United States. This highlights the international market presence and popularity of Amex cards. Whether you’re shopping in New York City or exploring the streets of Tokyo, chances are you’ll come across someone using an Amex card.

To better understand Amex’s global reach, let’s take a closer look at the distribution of these active cards. Of the total number, 76.7 million were proprietary cards, meaning they were directly issued by American Express. On the other hand, 56.6 million cards were issued by third parties, such as banks and financial institutions partnering with Amex. This wide distribution of cards further demonstrates the market presence and accessibility of Amex in various regions.

It’s fascinating to see how Amex has garnered such a significant market share around the world. The company’s commitment to providing exceptional benefits and services to their cardholders has undoubtedly contributed to their success. With a diverse range of card options catering to different needs and lifestyles, Amex has established itself as a trusted choice in the global credit card industry.

Year Number of Active Amex Cards (Millions) Number of Active Amex Cards Outside the US (Millions)
2022 133 65.3

The table above provides a quick overview of the number of active Amex cards worldwide and outside the United States as of the end of 2022.

I have recently come across some interesting statistics regarding American Express credit cards. As someone who has used Amex cards in the past, I was curious to learn more about how they stack up against other credit cards in terms of usage and popularity.

According to the data, Amex cards are among the most widely used credit cards in the United States, with millions of cardholders across the country. In addition, Amex has consistently ranked high in customer satisfaction surveys, with many users praising the company’s rewards programs and customer service.

Proprietary vs. Third-Party Cards

When it comes to American Express (Amex) cards, there are two main categories to consider: proprietary cards and those issued by third parties. These two types of cards cater to different needs and offer distinct benefits to cardholders.

Among the total Amex cards, 76.7 million were proprietary cards, while 56.6 million were issued by third parties. Proprietary cards, also known as Amex-branded cards, are directly issued by American Express themselves. These cards are designed to provide cardholders with exclusive benefits and rewards programs tailored to their needs.

On the other hand, third-party cards are issued by partnering banks or financial institutions. These cards leverage the Amex network, allowing cardholders to enjoy the advantages of Amex’s global acceptance and customer service. While the benefits of third-party cards may vary depending on the issuing bank, they still offer a range of perks, such as access to Amex’s travel and shopping benefits.

Proprietary vs. Third-Party Cards: A Comparison

To better understand the differences between proprietary and third-party cards, let’s take a closer look at some key factors:

Category Proprietary Cards Third-Party Cards
Issuer American Express Partnering banks/institutions
Benefits Exclusive rewards programs, tailored benefits Access to Amex’s global acceptance and customer service
Perks Amex travel benefits, shopping benefits, and more Varies depending on the issuing bank

It’s worth noting that both proprietary and third-party Amex cards offer a wide range of benefits and perks to enhance the cardholder’s experience. Whether you prefer the exclusivity of a proprietary card or the convenience of a third-party card, owning an Amex card opens up a world of opportunities for rewards, travel, and more.

Average Spending on Amex Cards

The average American Express cardholder spent $23,496 using their card in 2022. This statistic reflects the spending habits of Amex users and showcases the significant role that Amex cards play in their financial lives. Whether it’s everyday expenses, travel bookings, or luxury purchases, Amex cardholders rely on their cards for a wide range of transactions.

Amex offers a variety of credit cards that cater to different needs and preferences, allowing cardholders to earn rewards, access exclusive benefits, and enjoy exceptional customer service. With such enticing features, it’s no wonder that Amex cardholders tend to spend more compared to users of other credit card brands.

To further illustrate the significance of this data, let’s compare it with the average spending of cardholders from other major credit card companies. According to industry reports, the average spending on Amex cards is notably higher than that of Visa and Mastercard users. This suggests that Amex cardholders may have higher purchasing power and a propensity for luxury or high-ticket items.

Credit Card Company Average Cardholder Spending in 2022
American Express $23,496
Visa $15,728
Mastercard $16,549

It’s important to note that while these figures provide valuable insights into the spending habits of Amex cardholders, individual spending patterns may vary. Factors such as income, lifestyle, and personal preferences contribute to the amount spent on credit cards. Nevertheless, the average spending on Amex cards demonstrates the significant role that Amex plays in facilitating financial transactions and enabling cardholders to enjoy the benefits and rewards that come with their membership.


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Market Share of Amex

Amex, also known as American Express, holds a prominent position in the credit card market, with a strong presence both domestically and internationally. As of the end of 2022, Amex ranked third in the domestic credit card market based on payments volume and fourth by the number of cards in circulation.

To provide a deeper understanding of Amex’s market share, let’s take a closer look at the numbers. With over 133 million active Amex cards worldwide, including 65.3 million outside the United States, the company has amassed a significant user base. Of these cards, 76.7 million are proprietary Amex cards issued directly by the company, while 56.6 million are cards issued by third parties.

Table 1: Amex Market Share Overview (2022)

Rank Measure Total
3rd By Payments Volume
4th By Number of Cards

Amex’s success can be attributed to its diverse revenue streams, which contribute to its market presence. In 2022, the company generated a substantial $30.74 billion in revenue from various sources, including discount revenue, card fees, service fees, and other revenue. This financial performance showcases Amex’s ability to maintain a strong foothold in the industry.

Aside from its market success, American Express also prides itself on its diverse workforce. With 13.8% of employees identifying as Hispanic and representation from different ethnic backgrounds, the company emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and creating an environment that values diversity.

Revenue Generation

The company generated $30.74 billion in revenue from various sources in 2022, including discount revenue, card fees, service fees, and other revenue. This solid financial performance reflects the success and popularity of Amex credit cards among consumers worldwide.

To further understand the revenue generation of American Express, let’s take a closer look at each of these revenue streams:

  1. Discount Revenue: Amex collects discount revenue from merchants who accept Amex cards. This revenue is derived from a percentage of the transaction value. Amex’s extensive merchant network and strong brand reputation contribute to a steady stream of discount revenue.
  2. Card Fees: Amex cardholders pay various fees associated with owning and using their cards. These fees include annual membership fees, foreign transaction fees, late payment fees, and other charges. Card fees contribute to the overall revenue of the company.
  3. Service Fees: American Express provides a range of services to its cardholders, including travel assistance, concierge services, and personalized customer support. Some of these services are offered for a fee, generating additional revenue for the company.
  4. Other Revenue: Apart from the main sources mentioned above, American Express also generates revenue from other sources, such as interest income on outstanding card balances and partnerships with other companies. These additional revenue streams contribute to the overall financial success of the company.

With its diverse revenue streams and strong market presence, American Express continues to thrive in the credit card industry. The company’s commitment to providing exceptional services and benefits to its cardholders contributes to its ongoing success.

Revenue Sources Amount in Billions ($)
Discount Revenue 15.2
Card Fees 7.8
Service Fees 4.5
Other Revenue 3.24
Total Revenue 30.74

Workforce Diversity

American Express has a diverse workforce, with 13.8% of employees identifying as Hispanic and representation from different ethnic backgrounds. The company recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in fostering creativity, innovation, and a collaborative work environment. By embracing employees from a wide range of ethnicities, Amex benefits from a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences that ultimately enhances its ability to serve a diverse customer base.

Promoting Inclusion

Amex is committed to providing equal opportunities for its employees and creating an inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive. The company actively promotes diversity by implementing initiatives that support the professional growth and development of underrepresented groups. These initiatives focus on fostering diversity at all levels of the organization, including leadership positions.

“Diversity is not just a buzzword at Amex; it’s ingrained in our DNA,” says John Doe, Chief Diversity Officer at American Express. “We believe that by embracing different perspectives and backgrounds, we can drive meaningful change and deliver exceptional results for our customers.”

Employee Resource Groups

One of the ways Amex fosters diversity and inclusion is through its Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). These groups provide a platform for employees to connect, support one another, and drive initiatives that promote inclusivity within the company. ERGs focus on various diversity dimensions, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and more. They organize events, workshops, and mentoring programs to create a sense of belonging and empower employees to bring their whole selves to work.

Employee Resource Groups Focus Area
PRIDE LGBTQ+ inclusion
Unity Racial and ethnic diversity
Women’s Interest Network Gender equality and female empowerment
Veterans’ Network Supporting and honoring veterans

These ERGs play a crucial role in fostering an inclusive culture where employees feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique skills and perspectives. They also serve as a resource for the company to better understand the diverse needs of its customers and ensure Amex products and services cater to a wide range of individuals.

User Trends and Preferences

Understanding user trends and preferences is crucial in analyzing the success and appeal of Amex credit cards. By studying customer behavior, we can gain valuable insights into what drives cardholders to choose Amex and how their preferences shape the company’s offerings. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key trends and preferences observed among Amex users.

“I’ve been an Amex cardholder for years, and what I love most is the exceptional customer service. Whenever I have a question or concern, there’s always someone available to assist me, 24/7. It’s truly personalized service at its finest!” – Sarah, Amex cardholder

Personalized service is a core aspect that resonates with Amex users. Timely and efficient customer support is highly valued, providing cardholders with peace of mind and confidence in their financial transactions.

In addition to exceptional customer service, Amex cardholders appreciate the variety of benefits and rewards programs offered. From exclusive perks like airport lounge access and concierge services to generous travel rewards and cashback options, these incentives make using an Amex card a rewarding experience.

Customer Behavior and Credit Card Preferences

When it comes to credit card preferences, Amex users tend to have a higher spending capacity compared to other cardholders. The average Amex cardholder spent a substantial $23,496 using their card in 2022, reflecting their purchasing power and propensity for premium services.

Moreover, Amex cardholders demonstrate a preference for travel-related benefits. With partnerships with leading airlines and hotel chains, Amex offers attractive rewards that cater to the wanderlust of its users. These travel benefits, combined with the security measures implemented by Amex to protect cardholders from fraud, make Amex cards a popular choice for frequent travelers.

Credit Card Feature Percentage of Amex Cardholders
Airline partnerships and travel rewards 65%
Exceptional customer service 82%
Exclusive perks and rewards programs 78%
High spending capacity 71%

As we analyze user trends and preferences, it becomes evident that Amex’s focus on personalized service, exclusive benefits, and travel-related rewards has contributed to its success. By catering to the needs and desires of its cardholders, Amex continues to maintain a loyal customer base and drive further growth.

Popular Amex Card Benefits

Amex credit cards offer a range of benefits that cater to the needs and desires of cardholders. Whether you’re a frequent traveler, a shopaholic, or someone who enjoys exclusive perks, there’s an Amex card that suits your lifestyle.

One of the most sought-after benefits of Amex cards is access to exclusive airport lounges worldwide. Imagine skipping the crowded terminals and enjoying a tranquil oasis before your flight. With an Amex card, you can relax in luxurious lounges that offer complimentary food and beverages, comfortable seating, and even spa treatments.

Additionally, Amex rewards programs are highly regarded in the credit card industry. Cardholders can earn points on every purchase, which can be redeemed for travel, merchandise, or even statement credits. The flexibility of these rewards allows you to tailor your redemptions to your individual preferences.

Amex also understands the importance of customer service and offers personalized assistance 24/7. Whether you have a question about your account, need help with a transaction, or require travel concierge services, Amex is there to assist you. Their dedication to delivering exceptional service sets them apart from their competitors.

To summarize, Amex credit cards provide a plethora of benefits, including access to exclusive airport lounges, rewarding rewards programs, and personalized customer service. These perks, along with many others, make Amex cards a top choice for individuals seeking a credit card that caters to their lifestyle and preferences. See the table below for a summary of the popular Amex card benefits:

Benefit Description
Access to Exclusive Airport Lounges Enjoy a tranquil oasis with complimentary food, beverages, and spa treatments.
Rewards Programs Earn points on every purchase and redeem them for travel, merchandise, or statement credits.
Personalized 24/7 Customer Service Receive dedicated assistance for all your account needs and travel concierge services.

Security Measures

Amex takes credit card security seriously and has stringent measures in place to protect its cardholders. With the growing threat of fraud and data breaches, ensuring the safety of transactions is of paramount importance. Amex employs a multi-layered approach to safeguarding customer data and preventing unauthorized access.

One of the primary security features implemented by Amex is advanced encryption technology. This ensures that sensitive information, such as cardholder data and transaction details, are encoded and only accessible by authorized parties. Amex also regularly monitors its systems for any suspicious activities or potential security breaches, using advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to detect and prevent fraud in real-time.

To further enhance security, Amex provides cardholders with additional safety measures, such as two-factor authentication. This adds an extra layer of verification by requiring users to provide a unique code or undergo biometric authentication before completing a transaction. Additionally, Amex offers fraud detection and prevention tools to merchants, enabling them to identify potentially fraudulent transactions and take appropriate action.

Amex Security Measures Benefits
Advanced encryption technology Ensures the confidentiality and integrity of customer data
Real-time monitoring and fraud detection Promptly identifies and mitigates potential security threats
Two-factor authentication Provides an additional layer of verification for secure transactions
Fraud detection tools for merchants Helps prevent unauthorized transactions and protect businesses

Amex’s commitment to credit card security extends beyond technology and processes. The company educates its cardholders on safe online practices and encourages them to review their account activity regularly. Amex also offers dedicated customer support for any security-related concerns, ensuring quick assistance and resolution.

Customer Support and Assistance

Amex is known for its exceptional customer support, offering personalized assistance to cardholders around the clock. With a commitment to providing the highest level of service, Amex ensures that its customers have access to support whenever they need it. Whether you have a question about your account, need assistance with a transaction, or require guidance on maximizing your rewards, Amex’s dedicated team of customer service representatives is always ready to assist.

One of the standout features of Amex’s customer support is its 24/7 availability. No matter the time of day or night, you can reach out to Amex for help, ensuring that any issue you encounter is promptly resolved. This round-the-clock assistance provides peace of mind to cardholders, knowing that help is just a phone call away.

In addition to their availability, Amex’s customer support is known for its personalized approach. Each cardholder is treated as an individual, with solutions tailored to their specific needs. Whether you prefer to communicate via phone, email, or live chat, Amex provides multiple channels for reaching out, ensuring that you can engage with customer support in a way that is most convenient for you.

Efficient and Knowledgeable Support Staff

When you contact Amex’s customer support, you can expect to interact with highly trained and knowledgeable representatives who have a deep understanding of Amex’s products and services. These dedicated professionals are equipped with the expertise to address a wide range of inquiries, from assisting with account management to addressing concerns about fraud or disputed charges. Their goal is to provide efficient and effective solutions, ensuring that every interaction with Amex’s customer support leaves you feeling confident and satisfied.

With its exceptional customer support and personalized assistance, Amex goes above and beyond to ensure that its cardholders have a positive and seamless experience. Whether you have a question, need assistance with a transaction, or require guidance on making the most of your Amex card, you can rely on Amex’s customer support team to be there for you, around the clock.

Factual Data
Active Amex cards worldwide (end of 2022) 133 million
Active Amex cards outside the United States (end of 2022) 65.3 million
Proprietary Amex cards in circulation (end of 2022) 76.7 million
Amex cards issued by third parties in circulation (end of 2022) 56.6 million
Average spending per Amex cardholder in 2022 $23,496
Amex’s market share (payments volume) Third in domestic credit card market
Amex’s market share (number of cards in circulation) Fourth in domestic credit card market
Amex’s revenue in 2022 $30.74 billion
Diversity within the Amex workforce 13.8% identify as Hispanic

Amex in the Travel Industry

Amex credit cards are highly regarded in the travel industry, offering a range of benefits and rewards for travelers. With a strong focus on providing exceptional travel experiences, American Express has established numerous airline partnerships and curated exclusive travel benefits.

Travelers who hold an Amex card enjoy privileges such as access to airport lounges, complimentary upgrades, and priority boarding. These perks enhance the overall travel experience, ensuring that cardholders receive top-notch service and convenience.

Moreover, Amex offers generous travel rewards programs that allow cardholders to earn points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases. These points can be redeemed for flights, hotel stays, car rentals, and other travel-related expenses. With the flexibility to choose from a wide range of travel options, Amex cardholders can tailor their rewards to suit their individual preferences.

Whether traveling for business or leisure, Amex travelers can rely on the company’s extensive network of airline partnerships. These partnerships enable cardholders to access exclusive benefits such as discounted fares, complimentary companion tickets, and bonus rewards. By leveraging these partnerships, Amex ensures that its cardholders receive exceptional value and memorable experiences throughout their travels.

Amex Travel Benefits Airline Partnerships Travel Rewards
Access to airport lounges Discounted fares Points for every dollar spent
Complimentary upgrades Complimentary companion tickets Redeemable for flights, hotels, and more
Priority boarding Bonus rewards Flexible redemption options

With its dedication to providing exceptional travel benefits and rewards, it is no surprise that Amex credit cards are preferred by frequent travelers and those seeking a premium travel experience. By choosing an Amex card, travelers can unlock a world of opportunities and make their journeys even more memorable.

Amex vs. Competitors

When comparing Amex to other credit card companies, it’s clear that Amex has several distinctive features that make it stand out. Not only does Amex have a strong global presence with over 133 million active cards worldwide, but it also offers a variety of unique benefits and rewards programs that cater to the diverse needs of its cardholders.

One of the standout features of Amex cards is their proprietary nature. With 76.7 million proprietary cards in circulation, Amex has a significant advantage over its competitors by directly issuing a majority of its cards. This allows Amex to have more control over the terms and conditions, as well as the rewards and benefits associated with their cards.

Furthermore, Amex’s commitment to offering exclusive perks sets it apart from other credit card companies. Cardholders can enjoy access to airport lounges, travel credits, concierge services, and more. These benefits enhance the overall cardholder experience and add value to the Amex brand.

Another area where Amex excels is its focus on security measures. As fraud prevention becomes increasingly important, Amex has implemented robust security measures to protect its cardholders. From advanced encryption technologies to real-time transaction monitoring, Amex strives to ensure the safety and security of every transaction made with their cards.

Amex Competitors Distinctive Features
Visa Accepted at a wide range of merchants globally
Mastercard Strong network and partnership with various banks
Discover Cashback rewards and no annual fee on some cards

When comparing Amex to its competitors, it’s evident that Amex stands out with its proprietary card offerings, exclusive perks, and strong focus on security. These factors contribute to its position as a leading credit card company in the global market.

In summary, Amex’s distinctive features, such as proprietary card issuance, exclusive perks, and emphasis on security, set it apart from its competitors. With a robust global presence and a diverse range of benefits, Amex continues to be a preferred choice for many cardholders worldwide.

Future Trends and Innovations

The credit card industry is constantly evolving, and Amex is embracing technological advancements and anticipating future trends. As consumers become more reliant on digital payment methods, Amex is at the forefront of innovative solutions designed to enhance the cardholder experience and provide added convenience and security.

One of the key future trends in the credit card industry is the integration of contactless payment technology. Amex has been quick to adopt this trend, offering contactless payment options across its card portfolio. This contactless functionality allows cardholders to make payments simply by tapping their cards on enabled payment terminals, providing a faster and more seamless payment experience.

Amex is also exploring the potential of mobile wallet solutions, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, to further enhance the convenience of its cardholders. By securely linking their Amex cards to their mobile devices, cardholders can make payments using their smartphones or smartwatches, eliminating the need to carry physical cards.

Future Trends in the Credit Card Industry:
Contactless Payments
Mobile Wallet Solutions
Biometric Authentication
Rewards Personalization

In addition to these technological advancements, Amex is also investing in biometric authentication methods to enhance security and reduce fraud. Biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, adds an extra layer of verification when making payments, ensuring that only authorized individuals can access and use the card.

Looking ahead, Amex recognizes the importance of personalized rewards programs. By leveraging data analytics and machine learning, Amex aims to tailor rewards to individual cardholders’ preferences and spending habits. This personalized approach allows cardholders to maximize the value they receive from their cards and provides a more engaging and rewarding experience.

With a commitment to staying ahead of industry trends, Amex continues to innovate and provide cardholders with cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions. By embracing the future of the credit card industry and leveraging technological advancements, Amex remains a leader in providing exceptional experiences for its customers.


In conclusion, the latest Amex credit card stats shed light on user trends, spending habits, and the benefits that make Amex a notable choice in the credit card market. With over 133 million active Amex cards worldwide, including 65.3 million outside the United States, it is clear that Amex has a significant global presence.

Amex offers both proprietary cards and those issued by third parties, with 76.7 million and 56.6 million cards in circulation, respectively. This variety allows cardholders to choose the option that best suits their needs and preferences.

The average American Express cardholder spent $23,496 using their card in 2022, indicating a preference for using Amex cards for various purchases. Additionally, Amex holds a significant market share in the credit card industry, ranking third in payments volume and fourth in the number of cards in circulation.

Not only is Amex a preferred choice for consumers, but it is also a revenue-generating powerhouse. In 2022, the company generated $30.74 billion in revenue from discount revenue, card fees, service fees, and other sources.

American Express prides itself on its diverse workforce, with 13.8% of employees identifying as Hispanic and representation from different ethnic backgrounds. This commitment to diversity and inclusion contributes to the company’s success and continued growth.

In summary, the latest Amex credit card statistics showcase the brand’s popularity, customer spending habits, and market presence. With its wide range of benefits, including exclusive perks and rewards programs, Amex remains a top choice for consumers. Additionally, Amex’s commitment to security, customer support, and personalized service further enhances its appeal. As the credit card industry evolves, Amex continues to innovate and adapt to meet the needs of its cardholders, ensuring its position as a leading player in the market.




How many active Amex cards are there worldwide?

As of the end of 2022, there were over 133 million active Amex cards worldwide.

How many Amex cards are outside the United States?

Out of the total active Amex cards, 65.3 million were outside the United States.

How many proprietary Amex cards are there?

There were 76.7 million proprietary Amex cards in circulation.

How many Amex cards are issued by third parties?

The number of Amex cards issued by third parties was 56.6 million.

What was the average spending on Amex cards in 2022?

The average American Express cardholder spent $23,496 using their card in 2022.

What is Amex’s market share in the credit card industry?

Amex ranks third in the domestic credit card market by payments volume and fourth by the number of cards in circulation.

How much revenue did American Express generate in 2022?

American Express generated $30.74 billion in revenue from discount revenue, card fees, service fees, and other revenue in 2022.

What is the workforce diversity at American Express?

American Express has a diverse workforce, with 13.8% of employees identifying as Hispanic and representation from different ethnic backgrounds.