Amazon Geography

The amazon rainforest aka amazonia is a tropical area in South America near Brazil. There are over 30 million people living there. The geographic location is in these countries: Brazil Peru Bolivia Columbia Venezuela Guyana Suriname French Giana Ecuador Here are some photos: It formed over 50 million years ago. There is evidence of humans …

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Big Chickie | Pollo a la Brasa

The Big Chickie was a restaurant in Hillman City. They made a Peruvian charcoal rotisserie chicken that was very tasty. They also served salads, sandwiches, beer and wine. They did catering, served in and take out, and delivered.   1. What makes Peruvian charcoal rotisserie chicken so special? Does it possess secret superpowers? Peruvian charcoal …

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Toscana aka Tuscany is a beautiful region of Italy with 4 million people. Here is a list of fun things to do and see in Tuscany:   Wine Taste   Walking Tours   Eat pizza   Search for truffles   Gallerie Degli Uffizi   Val d’Orcia   Apuan Alps   Montepulciano   Leaning Tower of …

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