Muse Art and Design

Muse Art and Design was a locally owned art supply store that knew what supplies artists needed.

They had these items in stock:

  • Sumi
  • Brushes
  • Graphite
  • Ink
  • Canvas
  • Calligraphy
  • Drafting
  • Sculpting
  • Easels
  • Oils
  • Acrylics
  • Watercolors


  1. Play with color: Bright and vibrant colors can help set a playful mood. Experiment with unexpected color combinations to bring a sense of joy and amusement to your artwork.
  2. Use expressive characters: Adding quirky and exaggerated expressions to your characters can help convey a sense of humor. A funny facial expression or body language can instantly make your artwork more engaging and amusing.
  3. Incorporate puns and wordplay: Including visual puns or clever wordplay in your art can add an extra layer of humor. Think about ways to incorporate visual representations of idioms, phrases, or play on words to create a witty piece of art.
  4. Embrace the unexpected: Juxtapose elements that might not normally go together, or place familiar objects in an unusual context. This can create a surprising and humorous effect that captures the viewer’s attention.
  5. Tell a story: Use your watercolor art to tell a funny story or depict a humorous situation. By creating a narrative within your artwork, you can draw your audience in and leave them with a smile.



  • Pens and Markers
  • Sketchbooks

They were located at 4220 SE Hawthorne blvd, Portland, Oregon.

Your supplies must be enjoyable to work with so you can make good looking art.



I am often asked about the art supplies I use for my artwork, so I thought it would be helpful to create a list of my go-to materials. As an artist, I believe that having the right tools is essential to creating high-quality work. While everyone’s preferences may vary, I have found that these supplies consistently produce the results I am looking for.

One of my favorite art supplies is a good quality set of colored pencils. I love the versatility of colored pencils and the ability to create rich, vibrant colors with ease. Another must-have for me is a set of fine-tipped pens for outlining and adding details to my drawings. Additionally, I always have a variety of paintbrushes on hand, including both synthetic and natural hair brushes, to achieve a range of textures and effects.

For fine details, I use a 0.3mm Micron pen, while for bolder lines, I use a 0.8mm Uni-ball Signo pen. I also keep a few brush pens on hand for calligraphy and brush lettering. My favorite brand for ink pens is Sakura.

I prefer to use sketchbooks with heavier weight paper, around 80lb, to prevent bleeding through. My favorite brand for sketchbooks is Strathmore, but there are plenty of other great options out there.

I don’t use oil paints as often as acrylics, they are still an important part of my art supplies collection. I love the rich, buttery texture of oil paints and the way they blend and layer on the canvas. I always use high-quality oil paints and take care to properly store them to prevent drying out.

1. What exactly is an art supply store? Is it a magical place where paintbrushes come to life and canvases sing in harmony?

An art supply store is a creative haven, where imagination takes center stage and masterpieces are waiting to be born. While paintbrushes might not sprout legs and start tap dancing, the vibrant colors, enticing textures, and limitless possibilities can make you feel like you’ve stepped into an enchanted realm. Prepare to be whisked away on a whimsical journey through the aisles of creativity!

2. What can I find in an art supply store? Are there magical potions to boost my artistic skills?

An art supply store is a treasure trove of artistic wonders. You’ll discover a dazzling array of paintbrushes, paints, sketchbooks, canvases, and an assortment of magical tools that can make your artistic dreams come true. While there may not be potions to instantly boost your skills (we’re still waiting for the “Instant Picasso” brew), each item holds the potential to unleash your creativity and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

3. Can I find supplies for all art forms in an art supply store? Can I channel my inner Van Gogh or Bob Ross?

Absolutely! An art supply store caters to a wide range of artistic pursuits. Whether you’re a master of watercolors, a sculptor extraordinaire, or a digital art guru, you’ll find supplies to suit your preferred medium. So, channel your inner Van Gogh with vibrant brushstrokes or embrace your inner Bob Ross with tranquil landscapes—just be sure to leave the happy little accidents to the canvas and not your favorite shirt.

4. How do I choose the right art supplies? Will the paintbrushes secretly whisper advice into my ear?

Choosing the right art supplies is like finding the perfect partner in crime—a match made in artistic heaven. While paintbrushes won’t whisper advice into your ear (we can’t guarantee they won’t start talking after a few too many cups of paint water), trust your instincts and experiment. Test different brushes, paints, and mediums until you find the ones that resonate with your artistic vision. And remember, even if the supplies don’t talk, they’ll speak volumes through your creations.

5. Can I find inspiration in an art supply store? Will the colors dance before my eyes and the canvases whisper their stories?

An art supply store is like a muse waiting to be discovered. As you peruse the shelves, let your imagination soar and let the colors ignite your creative spark. While the canvases may not whisper their stories, they hold the potential to become windows into your imagination, capturing your emotions and narratives. So, embrace the vibrant dance of colors and embark on an artistic journey that only you can weave.

6. Can I visit an art supply store even if I’m not a professional artist? Will I be welcomed with open arms?

Absolutely! An art supply store is a haven for artists of all levels, from seasoned professionals to budding creators. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Picasso-in-training or simply seeking a creative outlet—step into the store with your head held high and an open mind. The staff will welcome you with open arms, ready to guide you through the vast world of art supplies and offer expert advice (and maybe even share a funny anecdote or two).

8. Can I find quirky and unique art supplies in an art supply store? Will I stumble upon magical paintbrushes or glitter that grants wishes?

Ah, the quest for the elusive magical paintbrush and wish-granting glitter! While you may not find them in the art supply store (we’re still waiting for the enchanted shipment), you’ll discover a world of quirky and unique supplies. From specialty pens that let your doodles come to life to shimmering pigments that add a touch of sparkle to your creations, there’s no shortage of delightful surprises. Just remember, the real magic lies within you—no enchanted paintbrush required!

9. Can I visit an art supply store just to soak in the creative vibes? Will I leave with an invisible aura of artistic flair?

Absolutely! Stepping into an art supply store is like stepping into a vortex of creative energy. Soak in the vibrant colors, the tantalizing textures, and the atmosphere of artistic passion. As you browse the aisles, feel the invisible aura of artistic flair enveloping you. Who knows, you might leave the store radiating with creative inspiration, ready to conquer the world with your unique artistic vision (or at least create something pretty cool).

10. Can I find humor in an art supply store? Will the paint tubes crack jokes and the canvases share witty one-liners?

While the art supplies themselves might not be budding comedians (though we secretly hope they are), you’ll find plenty of humor in the art supply store. It’s a place where creativity and laughter intertwine. Whether it’s the humorous quotes on sketchbooks, the amusing interactions with fellow artists, or your own humorous mishaps during artistic endeavors, laughter is always welcome. So, embrace the lighter side of art and let the joyous moments color your creative journey.