Crew Member Nomination

Restaurant crew stories

  1. The Birthday Surprise: It was a regular Tuesday evening when a table of four walked into our small-town diner. One of them, a cheerful elderly woman, mentioned in passing that it was her 90th birthday. We couldn’t let such a special occasion pass without fanfare, so the entire crew sprang into action. The cook baked a small cake, the servers decorated a corner of the restaurant, and even the usually grumpy dishwasher put together a playlist of classic songs. We surprised her with our makeshift party, and her joy made every effort worthwhile.
  2. The Mystery Order: We had a recurring customer who would always order our signature spaghetti dish with a side of… applesauce. Yes, applesauce! It was strange, but hey, the customer is always right! One day, curiosity got the best of one of our new servers, and she finally asked him about his odd pairing. The man laughed and shared that he had grown up poor, and that his mother would often serve leftover applesauce with pasta. It became a comfort food for him, reminding him of his mother’s resourcefulness and love.
  3. The Power Outage Panic: One winter evening, a fierce storm caused a sudden power outage in the restaurant. We were in the middle of a busy dinner service with a full house. It could have been chaos, but instead, the crew pulled together amazingly. The cooks used the light from their phones to finish cooking on the gas stoves, the servers used the same method to deliver dishes and check on tables, and the host lit up the dining room with an array of candles. Despite the unexpected challenge, it turned out to be one of the most memorable and intimate evenings we had.
  4. The Extra Mile: We had a regular who loved our house salad dressing, and she was moving to another state. On her last visit, she joked about missing our dressing. The next day, our head chef spent his day off perfecting a batch of the dressing, bottling it up, and shipping it to her new address with a note wishing her well. We later received a heartfelt thank-you message from her, touched by our kindness and thoughtfulness.

Each day in the restaurant business brings new challenges and rewards, and it’s the people – the crew, the customers – that make every moment worth it. These stories are a testament to the heart, humor, and resilience found in every restaurant crew.