5 Fun Things I Did in Las Vegas

On my trip to LV I visited the new pinball hall of fame on the south end of strip. Here is a photo of the outside of building:


The neon sign from the strip.

I took the strip bus to the LV sign and then walked about 5 min to get there. Here is a photo I took from the inside, the place is huge, they have hundreds of machines.

I like the venom game the best because of the multiball action. I found  a soda vending machine in the back along with candy for 25 cents. I spent $10 in about an hour. Each game is 50 cents to a dollar. The older games cost less. I found some dating back to the 1050s. I prefer to play the newer games for the mulitball action. You should bring some cash because they have bill changers but do not take cards.

Here is a picture of one of the games from the 90s. It costs 75c to play and you get 3 balls. I think it has been refurbished because the lights and flippers work well. I found the best way to get a higher score is to keep going for the corner pocket.


Here is a view of some of the classic games. I played Getaway, ACDC, and Metallica. I found a Getaway and Deadpool machines that were in good condition and fun to play.




Here is a photo of the older games from 40s, 50s, and 60s. They are 25c to 50c per play. I played a couple but they are not as much fun as new games because the flippers are weak and they do not have multiball action.


The Sphere

I went to the Sphere and saw the postcard from earth movie. The screen was incredibly huge and the seats shake, the sound was loud and clear. It was way bigger than an Imax screen. Here is a picture I took:

As you can see the inside seats have steep vertical drop. I think it is more like a wall than sphere inside because it does not wrap around. It would be great place to see concert. It has assigned seats and some cost more. I got the cheapest seat for $129 and it had decent view. I think it is overpriced for a 45 min movie. You can watch the outer building for free.

This is what is looks like when you first arrive, the screen grows much bigger when the show starts.

There is a snack bar but prices are outrageous, like $20 for a beer. I suggest eating before you go to save money.



I played some poker games like this 100 play poker game. It was fun. I spent $20 in about 15 min.



I played in a live poker tournament. There was over 100 people. I lasted about 4 hours and did not win anything. I was fun and the room was luxurious.


Resort Hotels

This is the Aria poker room. I found that is it crowded  all day. I signed up to play and waited about 20 min to be seated at a cash game table.


The Aria has cool art like this:

I could not figure out what kind of art these stones were. I think they look cool, here is a photo:


Inside the Aria is large:


This is a pic of the leaning tower outside the Aria. The building looks like it is leaning. I would not want to stay there, it seems scary.



Here is photo of one of the many cool limos I saw:



This is outside the Aria, it is some sort of art of kayaks. I could not believe it when I saw it. Here is a photo I made with my cell phone camera:



I stayed a Harrah’s, it is in middle of strip. I walked about 5 min to the Venetian and then 15 more min to the Sphere via bridge. The room was decent, it had a partial view. The heat and ac worked and bed was king size, soft and comfy. I found 2 pizza by the slice places there. The one in front cost a little more but is easier to find. Both about $9 for 1 large slice. The other is way in the back and would not have seen if it was not near the elevator to my room.

I want to go back and do a few things I did not have time for on this trip such as:

  • Ride the supersize Ferris wheel call High Roller
  • Explore the Neon Sign Museum
  • Meet Elvis
  • Take walking tour of downtown
  • Hike and bike in Red Rock Canyon
  • Walk entire length of strip
  • Visit the Arts district
  • Watch a UFC fight
  • Attend event at new football stadium
  • Try out Topgolf
  • Go to the Flamingo garden