Photography, Pets Using Credit Cards Is Funny

Here are some humorous pictures of dogs and cats using credit cards.

These dogs want to buy something with your card.

Webburgr was a website that had photos, art and other silly things.

Pictures of cats with creditcards. Mine would never pose like this.


My cat would chew plastic items.

Funny pics on the Internet. This one makes me laugh.

This pic  looks like my laptop.

Once upon a time in the quaint little town of Barksville, there lived a tech-savvy Golden Retriever named Buddy. Buddy was no ordinary dog; he was gifted with a unique ability to understand and navigate human technology. His human, Sarah, had no idea about Buddy’s secret talent.

One day, when Sarah was away at work, Buddy discovered her credit card lying on the coffee table. Intrigued, he used his snout to tap on her laptop and started browsing the internet.

Buddy had seen Sarah shop online many times, and he decided it was time for him to indulge in some retail therapy too. He typed “” with his nose and pressed enter. To his delight, he found a whole world of doggy goodies waiting to be explored.

As he scrolled through the website, he stumbled upon a shiny, diamond-encrusted dog collar. He knew he had to have it. So, with a wag of his tail and a few more taps of his snout, Buddy added the collar to his shopping cart and proceeded to checkout. He carefully entered Sarah’s credit card information and hit “purchase.”

Over the next few days, Buddy eagerly awaited the arrival of his new collar. He couldn’t contain his excitement when he heard the delivery truck pull up outside. He barked loudly, leaped onto the couch, and watched as the mail carrier approached the door with a package.

Sarah, confused by the unexpected delivery, opened the package to find the dazzling dog collar. “Buddy, did you order this?” she asked with a mix of amusement and disbelief. She put the collar on him, and he strutted around the living room, tail wagging, feeling like a million bones.

Encouraged by his success, Buddy began an online shopping spree. He ordered chew toys, gourmet dog food, custom dog beds, and even a doggy treadmill. The delivery truck became a regular visitor to their home, and Sarah grew increasingly suspicious of her dog’s newfound hobby.

One day, Sarah came home early from work and caught Buddy in the act. He was sprawled across the couch, nose-deep in an online sale for designer doggy outfits. “Buddy!” she exclaimed. “You’ve been shopping online this whole time?”

Feeling guilty, Buddy lowered his head and let out a soft whimper. Sarah couldn’t stay mad at him, though. She laughed and said, “Well, I guess it’s time to teach you about responsible spending, Buddy.”

From that day on, Buddy and Sarah worked together to create a monthly budget for their online shopping adventures. They would sit side by side, browsing the internet for the best deals on doggy gear, creating a special bond between them.

And that’s the story of Buddy, the tech-savvy Golden Retriever who discovered the joys of online shopping and learned the importance of responsible spending – all while becoming the best-dressed dog in Barksville.

Cat shopping online.

This one has some cash.

cute dogs and cats

I give my pup plenty of chew toys so he does not get into other things.

Sign that says I chewed cards. Mine is guilty.

My cat is a curious creature who loves to explore her surroundings. However, her curiosity often leads her to chew on things she shouldn’t. From cords to shoes to even furniture, it seems like nothing is off-limits to her sharp teeth.

At first, I thought this behavior was just a phase that she would eventually grow out of. But as time went on, it became clear that this was a habit that she wasn’t going to break on her own. Not only was it frustrating to deal with the damage she caused, but it also posed a danger to her health if she were to ingest something harmful.